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Let us help you get your life back. Liberty has been a family owned business since 2000 and understand what family is about. Everybody makes mistakes and we understand and want to help you. We are a private company that does not release any of your personal information. Our facilities are disability accessible and we make house call and will come to you to help you. Call Liberty Bail Bonds for quick action.

Statewide Services


We offer statewide services through our network of local agents. We work with local law enforcement agencies to ensure fast and efficient bail services. Our bail bond professionals will ask you a few questions about the city, state and the name of jail where offender has been jailed. Depending upon the location and severity of the offence, our bail professionals will get in touch with that jail authority and start the release process as fast as possible.

Call Us for Free Bail Information

Getting someone out of custody may be difficult, as it all depends on circumstances, obtaining the right information, guidance and fast action. One of the best bail bondsmen will give you detailed information in regards to different types of bail bonds. Call us now.

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